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  Vijay Stambh :: Chittorgarh
Kirti Stambh :: Chittorgarh
Kund :: Chittorgarh
Hem Kund :: Chittorgarh
Chittorgarh Fort :: ChittorgarhChittorgarh Fort :: ChittorgarhPadmini Mahal :: Chittorgarh

Chittorgarh was founded by Bappa Rawal and is famous for its huge fort & interesting history.

How to reach Chittorgarh

By Road :: There are regular express buses to major destinations like new Delhi(14 hours at 8:30 PM), Ajmer(4 hours), Jaipur(8 hours) & Udaipur(3 hours)

By Rail :: The Jaipur Express departs from Chittorgarh at 5:50 AM & arrives at Jaipur at 1:45 AM, The Chetak Express departs at 6:40 AM & arrives art Udaipur at 10 AM & NHeading north departs at 9:50 PM & reached Delhi at 1:10 PM. The Ahmedabad Express leaves at 2 PM & reaches Ahmedabad at 4:20 AM.

Nearest Airport :: Dabok Airport, Udaipur 90 Kms.
Distance Chart of major cities
Chittorgarh - New Delhi 583 Kms
Chittorgarh - Mumbai 928 Kms
Chittorgarh - Jaipur 322 Kms
Chittorgarh - Udaipur 112 Kms
Chittorgarh - Jodhpur 372 Kms
Chittorgarh - Jaisalmer 657 Kms

Places to see

The Major attraction is the fort & its towers & temples like Kalikamata Temple,
Vijay Stambh - the victory tower, Kirtistambh - the tower of pride, and the Padmini Mahal.

Chittorgarh Fort has a historical importance & is known as the pride of Rajputs. The huge fort is located on the top of a 180m high Hill, it covers an area of 240 hectares. There are seven different gates between the road.

Vijay Stambh :: The nine storied tower is known as Vijay Stambh or Victory Tower. The tower has a wonderful view of the city. It was built in 1440 by Maharana Kumbha when hed defeated Mohamed Khilji.

Kirti Stambh :: The tower of fame is 22 m high & has 7 stories, it was built in 12th century by a very rich Jain businessman.

The other interesting places are Padmini Palaace, where Ala-ud-din saw the reflection of the beautiful queen Padmini.

Kalika Mata Temple: The was built in 8th century for Sun, and now since 14th century it is dedicated to Kalika Mata. 

Meerabai Temple : Here the famous Meera Bai worshiped Lord Krishana.

There are so many temples, palaces, gardens & Kunds (water tanks) in the fort.

Useful Information

The ajor attraction is the massive fort. To visit the fort you don't have to stay at Chittorgarh, It can be covered in 1 day while your stay at Udaipur.

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